What we offer

As a new public health crisis is engulfing vulnerable women and children, the Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts (FCVFC), founded in 2008, goes where others fear to tread.

We reject . . .

  • the template version of legal arguments and documents
  • the goal of settlement and joint custody
  • the stock, simplistic answers

as all-purpose one-size-fits-all solutions.

We review . . .

Whether or not clients come to us with their own attorneys, we begin with a thorough analysis and review of the documented case before us. This means we review personal, legal, medical, educational, and psychological documents, as part of an initial, confidential evaluation.

Our immediate goals for each client, to protect children and Protective Parents:

  • define the narrative
  • protect the evidence
  • identify the legal cause and course of action
  • support our clients with forensic, legal, and clinical expert talent needed to protect children and Protective Parents

We confront . . .

We identify alleged crimes committed by dependency, juvenile, and family court judges, lawyers, experts, and evaluators across the United States. We want to identify clusters of those courts, court actors, and experts who have consolidated their tactics and techniques, organizing their cohorts, government agencies, and social advocacy groups to oppress the vulnerable.

We confront issues of

  • income disparity
  • unequal access to the courts
  • due process
  • civil rights violations

generated by poorly prosecuted criminal acts related to domestic crimes, improperly interpreted around a construct of bias and “alienation” on the part of Protective Parents.

We locate . . .

When experts are needed in a case of child abuse, domestic violence, fraud, or other crimes, we help you locate the experts you need and guide you through the process of working with them.

We provide whatever is needed, including oversight, support, consultation, and sharing interventions.

We are available . . .

The FCVFC phone lines are open 24 hours a day to provide support and information on a confidential basis, without charge or obligation.